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Max 2 per order – $100 Gift certificate valid towards esthetician services – Valid for skin care services only (chemical peels/facials/waxing). Please call for an appointment – Expires: 8/31/23

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Benders mission is to provide services and products that enhance our clients’ physical appearance. See more about their services at

Candy (licensed esthetician) here to tell you, now that we’re well into chemical peel season, I want to share my top three reasons why EVERYONE (not just the ladies) should try a chemical peel at least once!
1. Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines – Chemical peels stimulate new collagen growth while shedding old layers of skin. Once the skin is fully healed, this new layer will appear smoother and younger!
2. Treat Acne – Chemical peels are essentially a super-exfoliant. The formula will rid the skin’s surface of dead skin cells and unclog pores to treat active acne breakouts and reduce future breakouts.
3. Improve Hyperpigmentation – A peel can reduce the appearance of dark spots by removing unwanted melanin from the surface of the skin. When new skin forms it can appear more evenly pigmented and less spotty.
Ready to see real results like the ones listed above? Let’s chat and get you set up with an appointment!

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