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Magnetic block heater plug with App-controlled timer that you can download on your phone to optimize your schedule and save money. You can set hours of operation from your phone! When you have this magnetic block heater plug you cannot drive off with the block heater still plugged in, preventing damage to the extension cord and/or block heater that normally happens when driving away with a standard cord that’s still plugged in.

The VoltSafe Winter is a magnetic power connector that eliminates the difficulties and safety hazards caused by standard extension cables. The magnetic force of the N52 neodymium magnet pulls the plug together making it much easier to connect and disconnect!

SIMPLE & QUICK MAGNETIC CONNECTION: You can connect or easily disconnect the plug with just one hand. It safely disconnects when tripped over or when the vehicle pulls away, reducing risk of damage or injury.
CERTIFIED SAFE: Contacts are never live unless fully connected eliminating all risk to human contact with the plug ends. It is certified safe, simple to use and a smart solution.
DURABLE DESIGN: The resilient yet flexible flap effectively protects corrosion-resistant contacts. It also features an improved, shock-proof shell.
10-FOOT ARCTIC-RATED WINTER CORD: Built for winter, this product features an Arctic-rated cord that stays more flexible than standard cords down to -50C. Use the optional app-controlled timer to set a schedule and let your investment pay for itself. The app is frequently updated with new features to offer the optimal experience.

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